Gus Ryder Pool and Health Club

Swimmer Conduct Notice:

Aim to arrive at pool 10 min before practice to give you time to get out on deck for practice BUT don’t come out on deck too early as there are other classes etc.  Come out right on time and meet the coach on deck.  If you are late you should be hustling on deck and getting in faster than anyone else on the team!

  • Bring your gear onto the pool deck - DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING IN THE CHANGEROOMS (theft)

LSC's responsibility for swimmers begins when they step onto the deck at the start of practice, not when you drop them off. Parents are responsible for the conduct of swimmers both before and after practice. 

  • DO NOT impede the workings of the building and staff,
  • Watch that when congregating you don't block the hallway for patrons
  • Please don't linger in the lobby as it gets pretty busy with Health Club patrons
  • If you are in the lobby please keep your voices down as people are working

Please remember you are sharing the changerooms and other areas of the building with the public and as such your conduct will be heavily scrutinized (and yes .. reported to staff and/or coaches).

Failure to adhere to this conduct may result in the swimmer being barred from admission to the pool by the club/coaches.

Gus Ryder PoolGus Ryder Pool

Address: 1 Faustina Dr, Toronto, ON M8V 3L9

Phone: (416) 394-8726

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